Courmayeur: alpine tradition and Italian style

Winter Val Ferret

Courmayeur (1.224 m) is situated at the foot of Mont Blanc massif, in a verdant valley surrounded by firs and larch, mountains and glaciers.

Despite its international fame of touristic locality, Courmayeur keeps an authentically alpine atmosphere that can be felt by strolling among the shops of the central road Via Roma, narrow and tortuous, or in the cute traditional villages surrounding the main core of Courmayeur and going up to the end of the central valley, where the rivers Dora of Val Veny and Dora of Val Ferret meet and create the Dora Baltea, that go cross the entire Aosta Valley.

Courmayeur has an alpine atmosphere and a typical Italian style: kindness, love for tradition and respect for local architecture are a characteristic of this locality. 

Courmayeur is easily attainable all along the year: from France and from all the rest of Europe by crossing the Mont Blanc Tunnel and from the other Italian regions by using Aosta Valley motorway, that links Turin to the Mont Blanc Tunnel.

Mont Blanc, the giant of the Alps

Dente del Gigante

Thanks to Mont Blanc, Courmayeur is one of the historical capitals of alpinism and hiking. If you want to know the great exploits of the story of alpinism, visit the “Duca degli Abruzzi” museum, where many documents, climbing equipment and relics are conserved: the museum is situated in the House of Guides, in the center of Courmayeur, next to the ancient church.

If you decide to visit Courmayeur, you cannot miss the Mont Blanc Cableway, an extraordinary experience, that in a few minutes covers more than 2.000 meters drop. From there, you have breathtaking view over the glaciers and on the greatest peaks of the Alps, you can visit the alpine botanic garden and an exhibition of Mont Blanc crystals.

Great sport all along the year.

Concerning sports, Courmayeur proposes a varied and high-level offer.

Ski Mont-Blanc Courmayeur

Among the many excursions that you can do around Courmayeur and in Val Ferret, there are also some easy paths you can go through by bike or by foot, accessible to everybody; more expert and trained people can go through the big balcony. We recommend you to seek advice of experts, such as Courmayeur Alpine Guides or Mountain Bike teachers.

Skiers coming from all over the world frequent Courmayeur ski slopes. A wonderful free-ride slope is Toula glacier and Vallée Blanche, that cross the Mer de Glace glacier to reach Chamonix, on the French side of Mont Blanc.

The Nordic ski track of Val Ferret, very pleasant and ideal also for inexperienced skiers, is skirted by a pedestrian path on the snow: a walk in nature a few kilometers far from Courmayeur.

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